Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Our momma


Thursday Thirteen: Getting to know us edition
1. Fiona has pretty green/gold eyes
2. Ali is a snuggle bug, he could snuggle all day
3. Our momma is 27 year old
4. Fiona Hissed at Ali the first time she met him.
5. Fiona's real brother was almost adopted but he got sick and wasn't adoptable.
6. Our momma has one nine year old son.
7. Ali has weakness in his back legs, that is only a problem when he trys running through the house on our pergo floors.
8. Fiona has a sister who has extra toes.
9. Our momma is a office manager, though she doesn't actually manage anyone.
10. Momma met Ali when she originally went to adopt Fiona & her brother, but Fiona & her sibling weren't big enough to get there hoo ha's removed.
11. Momma is engaged to be married to a super awesome man.
12. Fiona's name was Princess Fiona but she dropped the Princess because she is really a Queen in training.
13. Ali is named after our daddies favorite boxer, Muhammad Ali.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Introduction and all that jazz!

Fiona here~ I am introducing myself and my adopted brofur Ali to blogging, we were inspired by smart kitties like Skeezix, Jeter Harris, Daisy the Curly Cat & Yao Lin (these are just some the inspirational kitties, we would fill a whole page if we named them all). I am 10 weeks old and Ali is a year old (he had a rough start but is a fighter and made it through with no hard feelings towards humans or kitties). Please add us to your blogroll and we will make sure momma blogs for us as much as possible.