Monday, July 9, 2007

Rockin Girl Blogger

Fiona here:

I was nominated by the lovely and talented Anastasia & my awesome big sister Dorydoo for the Rockin Girl Blogger Award, so in turn I have to nominate five rockin girl cats.

1. Celeste
2. Poppy Q
3. Miss Peach
4. Powder Puff
5. Abby
Just copy the award to your right to put it on your blog.


DEBRA said...


I am so excited I can't wait to show everyone my rockin style!


Chairman Mao said...

This is Dorydoo -- using MaoMao's account. Oh, sweet FiFi! Congratulations, little sis! You're most definitely a seriously rockin' blogger girl cat! Rock on, sister, rock on!!

You know what, you and I need to put our heads together and work on some of my favorite Black Kitty Projects, like my antigravity device! You are brilliant and I'm sure you can help me make lots of progress with it!

And a little later on this evening, check out MaoMao's blog -- I'll be wearing the pink wig!

Love and cuddles,


Parker said...

Ali sweetie! My sister Powder is waaaay to shy to do her own blog entry, but she wants me to thank you for thinking of her!

jcfloresinc said...

Rock on Fiona!! Congratulations!!
Your FL furiends,
Samantha & Tigger

小芥 michico said...


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

HUH! ~ !...WHAT IS HAPPENING BETWEEN YOU AND POWDER ALI!? I am so worried about what Parker said here.
Oh dear, now I can't sleep......

caricature said...

Congrats on the nomination Fiona ~ you certainly are a rockin' girl blogger :)

HRH Yao-Lin said...

hey fi fi you rock!xx

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Oh Alicat...I should have known that you would be true to me. I am just carrying so much baggage from my past, sometimes it just gets in the way. Forgive me for doubting your intentions.
You are such rockinboycatblogger!
Please tell Fiona thank you for the award to be a rockingirlcatblogger! This is so nice of her! It is my third award and means so much to me coming from her.
I would like for you to send me your addy because I want to mail something to you both and to your mommy. My email is kjacks2 AT charter DOT net
I love you sooooo much and have missed you, but I know your mommy gets busy and can't always be on the PC when you feel like wrtiting to me:)

The Cat Realm said...

Oh, how sweet! "Lovely and talented", you sure know how to wiggle your way into my heart! Flattery will always do it! But you deserved that award ten times over!

Caesar and Princess said...

mommie has a reply in regard to your comment about canned peaches.
She has never used canned peaches, but it should work fine... you might want to not put the sugar on the peaches, just the dry pudding as directed and the cinnamon. If you do that.... we are not sure how many cans of peaches you would need....
This is fresh peach season here in Virginia, so every year she makes a few of these pies... through out the summer until every one is nicely sick of them.

happy day <3 Prinnie