Monday, June 18, 2007


Hi to all our great friends,

There will be a blog for Mancat Monday today but momma couldn't get our camera to work last night so she is hoping it just needed charged.

The housewarming was fun for our parents because they got some nice gifts & stayed up late into the night with there friends. We on the other hand got stuck in our parents room for most of the party because momma had the bright idea to ask one of there friends to bring his woofie to our house, she thought we would play and have fun. Well the woofie scared Ali so bad he was shaking, I hissed and spit at the dumb old thing, so in turn to make us calm down, momma stuck us in kitty prison.

Note from momma:

They had to windows to look out in kitty prison, food, litter box & our large bed to sleep on, so it wasn't like prison at all more like a giant kitty condo.

Ali sends much love to Miss Peach & Fiona winks at Yao-lin


Dragonheart said...

Sorry to hear that the woofie scared Ali. :( Otherwise, it sounds like a nice house-warming party!

DEBRA said...

Awww we is sorry that the woofie scared you. Momma is always putting us up when company comes over...we don't understand why.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Woofies can be quite terrifying! I have been accidentally locked in the "cat room" for a few hours before. Not that I cared...litter, big bed. scratching post, lots of windows. I like small rooms.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh no, we're sorry da woofie scared Ali. Yoo were a good sisfur to hiss and spit at it fur doing dat. We put ourselves in da kitty room when company comes until we are sher of who is here.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Can you believe I had this experience too yesterday?? My cousin the big woofie came over and I got stuck upstairs in my prison room. Hey, call it what you want with its open window, big soft bed, litterbox, extra treats, food and water, if I can't get out, it is PRISON
We should've all telyported over to visit. Hey Fiona, I know you're to young for a boyfriend cat, but Yao-lin is certainly a good kitty to wink at.